Curable Phobias


phobias are irrational fear of places, trings, people and situations.

phobias fear of
acarophobia skin infestation by mites or ticks
acousticophobia noise
acrophobia heights
aerophobia (cf. ancraophobia, batophobia, hypsophobia) fresh air
agoraphobia (cf. demophobia) crowded, public places
agyrophobia crossing streets
aichmophobia pointed objects
ailurophobia, aelurophobia, elurophobia cats
algophobia (cf. odynophobia) pain
amatrophobia, koniophobia being or riding in vehicles
amaxophobia wind
ancraophobia men
androphobia quinsy or other forms of sore throat
anginophobia dread of stiff or immobile joints
ankylophobia flowers
antrophobia people, especially in groups
antrropophobia floods
antlophobia infinity
apeirophobia bees
apiphobia, apiophobia spiders
arachnephobia weakness
astrenophobia lightning
astraphobia, astrapophobia disorder
ataxiophobia, ataxophobia imperfection
atelophobia ruin
atephobia flutes
aulophobia dislike of gold
aurophobia dislike of being dirty
autmysophobia (cf. misophobia) (being egotistical, of referring to oneself; fear of being by oneself)
bautophobia missiles
bacillophobia bacteria
bacteriophobia gravity
barophobia dislike walking
batrmophobia intense dislike of bathing; depth
batrophobia passing high buildings
batophobia frogs and toads
batrachophobia pins and needles
belonephobia dislike for books
bibliophobia dislike of slime
blennophobia, myxophobia dread of demons and goblins
bogyphobia having unpleasant body odor
brontophobia (cf. astraphobia, keraunophobia) thunder and thunderstorms
cainophobia dislike of novelty
cancer,cancero,carcinomo, carcinomato, carcinophobia cancer
cardiophobia heart disease
catrisophobia dislike of sitting down
catoptrophobia, eisoptrophobia mirrors
celtophobia intense dislike of celts
cenophobia, kenophobia a void or of open spaces
chaetophobia, trichophobia hair
cheimaphobia, cheimatophobia (cf. cryo,sychrophobia) dislike of cold
cherophobia gaiety
chinophobia dislike of snow
cholerophobia cholera
chrematophobia dislike of wealth
chrometophobia dislike of money
chromophobia colors
chronophobia discomfort concerning time
cibophobia (cf. phagophobia) food
claustrophobia enclosed spaces
clinophobia dislike of going to bed
cnidophobia insect stings
coitophobia sexual intercourse
cometophobia comets
coprophobia excrement/feces
cremnophobia precipices
cryophobia (cf. cheimaphobia) ice or frost
crystallophobia glass, crystals
cymophobia waves
cynophobia dread of dogs
cypridophobia venereal disease
deipnophobia (dislike of dining and dinner conversation)
demonophobia spirits, demons
demophobia (cf. agoraphobia) dislike of crowds
dermatophobia skin disease
dextrophobia (objects on the right side of the body
dikephobia dislike of justice
dinophobia whirlpools
diplopiaphobia double vision
dipsophobia drinking
domatophobia being in a house
doraphobia contact with animal fur or skin
dysmorphophobia dread of deformity, usually in others
ecclesiophobia dislike of church
ecophobia, oecophobia, oikophobia aversion to home surroundings
eleutrerophobia freedom
emetophobia vomiting
enetophobia needles or pins
entomophobia insects
eosophobia dawn
ergasiophobia dislike of work
ergophobia hatred of work
erotophobia (sexual feelings and their physical expression)
eurotophobia the color red; fear of blushing
febriphobia fever
galeophobia sharks
gamophobia, gametophobia dislike of marriage
gephyrophobia crossing a bridge
gerascophobia growing old
geumophobia tastes or flavors
glossophobia (speaking in public or of trying to speak)
graphophobia dislike of writing
gymnophobia,nudophobia nudity
gynephobia, gynophobia hatred of women
hadeophobia, stygiophobia hell
hagiophobia dislike for saints and the holy
haptophobia, haphophobia, thixophobia error or sin
harpaxophobia touch
hedonophobia robbers
heliophobia, solophobia pleasure
helminthophobia (sunlight; abnormal sensitivity to the effects of sunlight)
hemaphobia, hematophobia, haemaphobia, hemophobia being infected with worms
herpetophobia sight of blood
hierophobia reptiles
hippophobia (dislike of sacred objects, fear of priests)
hodophobia horses
homichlophobia dislike of travel
homilophobia fog
homophobia sermons
hydrophobia homosexuality (same-sex affection)
hydrophophobia (cf. kynophobia) water
hygrophobia rabies
hylephobia (liquids in any form, especially wine and water)
hypengyophobia dislike for wood or woods
hypnophobia responsibility
iatrophobia sleep
ichthyophobia fear of going to the doctor
iophobia fish
isopterophobia poisons
kakorrhaphiophobia termites
katagelophobia failure or defeat
keraunophobia, ceraunophobia (cf. astraphobia,brontophobia) thunder and lightning
kinetophobia dislike of motion
kleptophobia, cleptophobia thieves or loss through thievery
kopophobia fatigue
kopophobia mental or physical examination
laliophobia talking
lepraphobia leprosy
levophobia (cf. dextrophobia) objects on the left side of the body
limnophobia string
logophobia dislike of words
lunaphobia moon
lyssophobia becoming insane
mechanophobia aversion to or fear of machinery
merinthophobia being bound
metallophobia metals
meteorophobia meteors or meteorites
microphobia, microbiophobia micro-organisms
misanthropy (a hatred of mankind; pessimistic distrust of human nature expressed in thought and behaviour)
mmisophobia (cf. automysophobia, rhypophobia) fear of dirt, especially of being contaminated by dirt)
misogynism, misogyny extreme dislike of females
misosophy hatred of wisdom
molysomophobia infection
monopathophobia sickness in a specific part of the body
monophobia one thing
musicophobia music
musophobia mice
mythophobia making false statements
necrophobia death; fear of corpses
neophobia new things
nephophobia clouds
noctiphobia night
nosophobia contracting a disease
nychtophobia, achluophobia, scotophobia darkness or the night
ochlophobia crowds
ochophobia vehicles
odontophobia teeth, especially those of animals
odynophobia (cf. algophobia) pain
oenophobia, oinophobia dislike of or hatred for wine
olfactophobia (cf. geumophobia) dislike of smells
ombrophobia rain
ommetaphobia eyes
onomatophobia a certain name (or a set of names)
ophidiophobia (cf. herpetophobia) snakes
ornithophobia birds
panphobia, pantophobia (a nonspecific fear; a state of general anxiety; fear of everything)
papaphobia dislike of the pope or the papacy
paralipophobia neglect of some duty
paraphobia sexual perversion
parasitophobia parasites
parthenophobia aversion to young girls
pathophobia disease
peccatiphobia sinning
pediculophobia lice
pedophobia dislike of children
peladophobia baldness
peniaphobia poverty
phagophobia eating
pharmacophobia drugs
phasmophobia ghosts
phenogophobia daylight
philosophobia dislike of philosophy or philosophers
phobophobia fear itself
phonophobia dislike of noise
photalgiophobia (photalgin, pain in the eyes caused by light)
photophobia light
phonemophobia thinking
pneumatophobia incorporeal beings, spirits
pnigophobia, pnigerophobia choking or smothering
pogonophobia dislike of beards
poinephobia punishment
politicophobia dislike of politicians
polyphobia many things
ponophobia (fatigue, especially through overworking)
potamophobia rivers
potophobia drinks (beverages)
psychophobia mind
psychophobia (cf. cheimaphobia) cold
pteronophobia feathers
pyrexiophobia (cf. thermophobia) fever
pyrophobia fire
rectophobia rectum
rhabdophobia being eaten; fear of magic
rhypophobia filth
sciophobia shadows
scoleciphobia (cf. helminthophobia) worms
scopophobia being looked at
scotophobia dark
selaphobia dislike of flashes of light
siderophobia stars
specrophobia (cf. phanmophobia, pneumatophobia) specters or phantoms
spermophobia, spermatophobia germs
stasibphobia (standing or walking; conviction that one cannot stand or walk)
symmetrophobia dislike of symmetry
tabophobia wasting sickness
tachophobia speed
taphephobia being buried alive
tapinophobia small things
taurophobia bulls
telephonophobia telephone
teratophobia (monster or of giving birth to a monster)
thaasophobia dislike of being idle
thalassophobia sea
theatrophobia theatres
theophobia god
thanatophobia death
tocophobia, tokophobia dislike of heat
tomophobia childbirth
topophobia surgical operations
toxiphobia, toxicophobia certain places
traumatophobia being poisoned
tremophobia (excessive or disabling fear of war or physical injury)
triskaidekaphobia trembling
tyrannophobia number 13
urophobia hatred of tyrants
vaccinophobia urine
venereophobia vaccines and vaccination
vermiphobia (cf. helminthophobia) venereal disease
xenophobia worms (earthworms, not intestinal)
xerophobia (hatred of foreigners and strange things)
zelophobia dryness and dry places, like deserts
zoophobia animals

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