GIBHT is a Therapeutic Centre for Enhancement of Mental and Physical Efficacy

Counselling and Therapy are Provided for

Psycho - Somatic Illnesses.

Stress Reactions.

Communication Problems.

Disturbed Family Relationships.

Children's Problems.

Marital Maladjustments.

Fertility Problems.




Addictions ( Cigarette - Smoking, Increased Alcohol Consumption, etc ) .

Training For Growth Orientation

Pre-Marital Counselling

Stress Management

Child Rearing

Family Management

Positive Parenting

Behavioural Medicine - The Application of Behavioural Science to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Illnesses

Behaviour Therapy

The focus of treatment is on overt behaviour, using psychological principles to achieve specific behavioural goals.

Cognitive Therapy

The prime focus of treatment is on patient's thinking processes, with the goal of changing distorted or unrealistic thoughts and beliefs.

Cognitive - Behavioural Therapy

Behavioural procedures are used to change cognitive processes (ie) the recognition paid to thoughts and beliefs in understanding psychological problems.

Psycho - Therapy

Treatment by psychological means designed to reduce personal distress, raise morale or help solve personal or social problems.

Marital / Couples Therapy

Resolution for couple's sexual relationship.

Resolve couple's difficulties to adapt a more productive way of relating to each other.

" காக்க காக்க மனநலம் காக்க நலம் பெற உத்திரவாதம் "