phycso-somatic illness


remove the stress that supresses your immune system

emotional problems

fear and phobias

generalized anxiety

obsessions and compulsions


other emotional disturbances, e.g. anger, guilt, sex.

psycho-sexual problems

sexual dysfunction, e.g. impotence, vaginismus, frigidity.

lesbian, homosexual

problems arising out of sexual abuse

psycho-somatic problems

psychosomatic disorders, e.g. asthma, migraine headache, peptic ulcer

cardiac neurosis, hypertension

pchronic pain

addictions & habit problems


drug addiction

eating problems e.g. anorexia, bulimia, obesity.

miscellaneous, e.g. smoking, gambling.

" காக்க காக்க மனநலம் காக்க நலம் பெற உத்திரவாதம் "